Why Protect Your Countertop?

Natural stone is simply beautiful and makes a great option for countertops. However, being a natural stone, it is very porous and vulnerable to stain and etch. The calcium in natural stone chemically reacts when it comes into contact with acidic compounds from food (such as lime, coffee, wine, orange, vinegar, and tomato), and commonly used household cleaners.

A professional stone restoration can remove etching, but in some high-traffic areas where the stone is consistently exposed, acid etching can be an ongoing problem.

Coasters, placemats, vinyl laminates, and PVC liners are alternatives for protecting surfaces from etching and damage. However, these temporary surface protective solutions are visible and obtrusive.

Once Install XPEL countertop protection film, those same compounds will have difficulty etching into it.

About Countertop Protection Film.

Is there anything better than the spotless clean finish of newly installed countertops on a remodeled kitchen? Nothing can spoil that sense of satisfaction faster than a water marks or chemical stain on polished marble. XPEL Paint Protection Film versatility goes beyond automotive application. XPEL’s Countertop protection film can be used to preserve natural stone.

The industry-leading transparent durable film protects natural wood, granite, tile, marble, and quartz countertops against light scratch marks and staining. It leaves a smooth finish that will make kitchen surfaces easier to clean. In addition, XPEL countertop protection film can prevent chemical etching caused by long exposure to household cleaners or acids found in soda, wine, or lemon juice. Etching is a corrective chemical reaction that can eat away granite and dull the surfaces of most countertops, leaving unwanted stains. We offer a matte finish and a gloss finish to suit your needs.

Chemical Etch & Stain Proof

XPEL countertop protection film makes it virtually impossible to stain or etch. Common staining liquids like wine, ketchup, and coffee are no longer a threat to the beauty of your stone surfaces.

Ultraviolet Rays Protection

XPEL countertop protection film helps protect your stone surfaces from harmful UV rays. It blocks UV rays that cause discoloration, degradation, and oxidation to your countertops near windows.

Removable and Replaceable

This high performance acrylic adhesive is formulated to resist delamination, will not damage the countertop surface or leave behind residue upon removal post installation.

Time and Money Saving

Marble Polishing And Cleaning Service is costly and time consuming. Countertop protection film requires only one-time application and it can also be easily removed and replaced.

Film Construction

XPEL countertop protection film is a high performance, self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film designed to protect marble, limestone, and other exotic stones. XPEL countertop protection film has low surface energy designed to resist staining and offers superior gloss retention. The protective film can be quickly peeled off, leaving behind nothing but clean, unblemished stone surfaces.

The clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that allow scratches in the surface to “heal” over time. It also has a unique optically clear adhesive system that is designed to properly adhere to the porous surfaces of stone countertops.

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